PIKKI is a new brand of healthy snacks made in Russia from the best nuts, cereals, and dried fruit.

Crispy bars and soft fruit bars, superfood bars with goji berries and green coffee, and candy crunches — PIKKI has a great assortment of snacks that continues to grow and expand.

Vietnamese cashews, Chilean cranberries, Indian sesame seed, American almonds, Belgian chocolate, and Indonesian coconut are just a few of the carefully selected ingredients that we use at our factory to produce PIKKI products in more than a dozen ingenuous and delicious flavour combinations. Even the most exacting foodies love them, and since they are vegan, they are truly for everybody!

The principal ingredients are coded in different colours of the wrappers. Orange and brown means almonds, chocolate, and orange, while a wrapper in several shades of green hides a bar made with pepitas and apples.

Easy, isn’t it?

We spend several months perfecting the recipe for each new product, making sure that it has a balanced and rich taste, while the nuts are roasted just so.

All PIKKI snacks are produced at proprietary production line in the town of Lakinsk, in Vladimir Region, not far from Moscow. Wherever you are — at your desk, in a car, in the locker room after a workout, or on a walk — PIKKI is an easy and healthy way to snack. Our products have no preservatives, artificial colours, or flavour enhancers, because — just like you — we care about things that we eat. Give a try to the all-natural fruit and nut PIKKI snacks, and treat the ones you love to a box or two.