SUPERFOOD  |  with green coffee SUPERFOOD  |  with green coffee

SUPERFOOD with green coffee

Green coffee is famous for its slimming properties thanks to the presence of chlorogenic acid, which revs up your metabolism and promotes fat cell burning. This kind of coffee also contains essential fatty acids, facilitates physical and intellectual activity, improves the functioning of your nervous system, and fortifies the heart. We added green coffee to the fruit bar made out of figs, cranberries, apples and cashews, so that you could have a snack and enjoy the useful properties of this superfood.
Almonds 15%
Dates 35%
Malayar raisins 38%
Green coffee 5%
  • 30 pcs in a display box
  • 180 pcs in a corrugated box
Weight: 1.2 oz (35 g)