Стать партнером

We have put a lot of thought and love into development of healthy PIKKI bars and crunches, and we make our products using only the best natural ingredients — and as a result, lots of really like them.

If you haven’t tried PIKKI yet, make sure to order one of our trial sets and find out for yourself that what we say is true.

If no one is selling PIKKI products in your town, and you want to remedy this situation — let us know, and you can become our sales representative.

If you want to sell PIKKI at your coffee shop, yoga studio, or health food store, contact our sales department,and they will organize a delivery ASAP.

If you’re organizing an event and would like to see PIKKI as your partner, if you write about healthy lifestyle and nutrition, if you have a blog or carry out any sort of interesting projects for us to join — please, let us know. We like to be a part of good stories and to find new friends.